Dieffenbachia Plant

Dumb Cane Plant

A Dieffenbachia Plant is a relatively easy-care plant with large, broad, oblong green and cream colored leaves. They can be small table plants or 5-6ft. trees depending on the variety you select. Dieffenbachia Plants are fast growers that tend to get top heavy if not pruned.  All parts of a Dieffenbachia Plant contain calcium oxalate, a chemical that irritates the skin. If ingested, the sap of a Dieffenbachia may cause throat swelling and could paralyze the vocal cords. Dieffenbachia Plants earned the nick-name “dumb cane” because its sap is so toxic it can cause a temporary inability to speak.  Be sure to keep a DieffenbachiaPlant out of the reach of small pets and children.