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Hello Judy, I purchased this plant in a 2inch pot from my local grocery store. It did not have a tag with details about the plant included. I thought it would be easy to identify online but after some months have been unsuccessful. Please help me so I can care for it properly. P.S. I have moved the fern like one out of the windowsill and bought a spray bottle to mist it as the brown leaves seem to point to lacking humidity.Read More
Hello, I wanted to ask if this is truly a Calla Lily, because I've never seen a Calla Lilly with black flowers AND brownish/blackish leaves and brown/burgundy stems. (The brownish leaves are not withered, that's their color.) Also, I wanted to ask if there's any reason some leaves started drooping a few days after I got it, and even worse, the whole plant started drooping a couple of weeks after I got it. I think I water it enough, I touch the soil and if it's not wet I water it (usually every other day or every couple of days). I also keep it inside, right in front of a window, and it's been growing a couple of new leaves, so it doesn't seem to have any other problems. Thank you in advance!Read More
Can you recommend some plants that might keep bugs and insects away. I have small children and hate to cover them in insect repellent but am really afraid of diseases these insects might cause. Thanks in advance, AmyRead More
I don't have the best track record of plant care and I would really like to save the plant in the attached photos as it seems that I may have done something wrong (over watered? too much sun?) I don't know what it is or its needs. Can you please help? I would be extremely grateful for any advice.Read More
I love to make dishgardens out of different things around the house, but the plants always seem to die. All my free standing plants do great. Could you tell what I might be doing wrong?Read More
Hi Judy, I bought a plant at my local nursery and they misidentified it as mylia (?). I looked through your posted questions/answers and think I found it! See the attached photos. Is it Hemi Graphis -purple waffle plant? My questions are, should I pinch the cute white flowers, or pinch any new or other leaves or stems?? Does it like to be misted?? I know it wants to stay moist. It is currently in an eastern window, so has light, but direct sunlight only a tiny part of morning because of tree cover. I think it is beautiful and want it to last a long time!! Also, I read from your advice not to mist Japanese Asplenium Fida. Actually I have been misting it! Big mistake?? I have it in my bathroom with little light. I've had it for a couple of weeks and it seems happy! See photo. Many thanks Judy!!Read More
I have two Mother of Thousands Kalanchoes. The green one has leaflets of the edges of the leaves and when they fall off in the soil new plants start to grow. When the one with pink leaflets drops the little leaves, nothing ever grows. What should I do to fix this.Read More
My sister bought a really pretty plant that has very colorful, longish, thick leaves. The tag says peperomia, but the only peperomias I've seen are dark green with roundish leaves. Could you please tell us what it really is.Read More
Hi - When neighbor moved out she gave me this plant. I re-potted immediately since the roots were busting out all around. Now its growth seems slow, and leaves often yellow. First I do not even know what type of plant it is, I checked your site and it could be elephant ear type plant but lacked certain traits. Anyhow can your help, thanks.Read More
Hi Judy! I recently repotted this healthy but seemingly crowded plant. I tried rooting the stems that broke off but it will not root! My father just died & it was his. It looks so sad now, would you please identify what this is & can you tell me how to grow roots? I appreciate your help! Thank you: -)Read More
Showing Ask Judy 31 to 40 of 852 total