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My boyfriend's neighbor gave me this plant and I think it might be a wandering Jew but I can't seem to find definitive answer. Please help so I don't accidentally kill it.Read More
I have had this houseplant over 10 years now & have forgotten its name and how to propagate? Please help??Read More
I have acquired this plant and wish to save it, know nothing about it. It seems distressed can you help identify and recommend whatever may help it thanks bdRead More
Judy, I found this plant on the side of the road. I am trying to save ot can you please identify itRead More
My friend owns this plant and asked me to help with leaves that are turning brown and crunchy. I'm worried she may actually be watering it too much (once or twice a week), but neither of us can find its name to learn more about its care. I've searched online and through your identification page, but I can't seem to find a match. I have found similar color patterns, but the jagged leaves throw me off. Unless I am overlooking it on your site, I can't find an example of this anywhere online. Any help would be much appreciated!Read More
I got this dumb cane a few weeks ago. These little baby leaves at the bottom of the smaller stalks are turning yellow, some look faded and pale also, all the larger ones are health and green. I wait for it to dry before watering. It's in a west window with filtered light and seems to get plenty. Inspected for bugs and can't find any at all. What could the problem be?Read More
I have a cast iron plant that is not very hardy I would say, all the bottom leaves are gone and now is a long tall twig. What should I do? Do I cut it down to the base for it to start over? Do I try planting the top of the plant for it to grow?Read More
This plant/tree came with the house, but I haven't a clue what it is. Help!Read More
Hi Judy, I got the following plant from a friend, but she does not know the name. I would like to know the name of plant and is this plant poisoneous. Thank you very much for your helpRead More
Hello Judy! I've just brought home a new indoor plant but can't seem to figure out what species it is. It has yellow mottling on the leaves which the previous owner assured me have always been present, but if this is a symptom of too much light/water/etc. of course I would like to know! Thanks for your help.Read More
Showing Ask Judy 31 to 40 of 938 total