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Hi Judy, my grandmother has a prolific green thumb and recently gave me these two plants. Can you help me identify them? You might notice that on one of the plants, there are brown spots at the tips of the leaves (they appeared a couple months after I took the plant home and placed it in indirect light in a south-facing window.) Thanks!Read More
Can you tell me if mistletoe is poisonous?Read More
What do I do with my orchid plant after it finishes flowering?Read More
I have another plant that I have no clue what it is please helpRead More
I have no idea what these plants are. A lady was giving them away a couple of weeks ago I have been watering them once a week but I think they need a little help identifying these mystery plants..Read More
I currently live in the Middle East, and I'm desperately trying to counteract all the dryness and dust by surrounding myself with lots of plants. I didn't use to give much thought to their care though as they were mostly doing fine before. However, after moving to a new apartment, I was devastated to find that several of my previously happy plants died within a few months. So I've decided to look up online what's available here to see if I can keep the new ones alive a bit longer. My question then is, given that plants bloom in winter around here, when reading your posts, should I translate summer as winter? How about spring and autumn? Do plants even adjust their cycle when being transported from Europe to the ME? Alternatively, do you happen to know a good guide specifically for this region? Many thanks for your help! Best wishes EnikőRead More
Every year I buy poinsettia plants and every year they look awful by the time Christmas comes. What am I doing wrong? How do I pick a good poinsettia and how do I care for it?Read More
Help what is this houseplants name? And how can I save it?Read More
My caladium plants were doing so well, but now they all seem to be dying. Please help!!Read More
Is it safe to decorate with branches from holly plants? I have 2 small children and 2 cats I am concerned about.Read More
Showing Ask Judy 1 to 10 of 729 total