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How to water a Zebra Plant and a Croton?Read More
My Mother bought a Trichopilia Orchid. It is gorgeous and has a wonderful scent. Problem is she has not idea how to care for it. Help!!Read More
Hi Judy, I am sure that this is a common indoor plant but I can't find it anywhere on the web and I am slowly killing it. Can you please help me identify this plant and provide instructions on how to bring it back to life? Thanks Judy - your website is awesome!Read More
I was given this plant, and I don't know how to properly care for it. It did flower one time and then lost its leaves. Leaves have grown again, they eventually get brown spots. How should I care for it correctly? Thank you for any advice you can give me.Read More
I purchased this many years ago and I think I it had a tag saying it was a money tree and although similar (and my trunk is not braided) it doesn't appear that it is a Pachira. Besides-if it was a true money tree, I should be rich-this thing is thriving! Likes to be root bound, lives in a bright window in a temperate room. Cold window doesn't seem to effect it. Leaves are waxy.Read More
Hi Judy, We are looking after a friend's apartment with lots of plants - and although we followed her instructions on watering them once every fortnight - a few of them seem to be on their way to plant heaven. Neither of us have a very good track record with keeping plants healthy - they always seem to die on us, but we are not sure what we're doing wrong. The hanging plants look dull and droopy with some leaves yellowing and others brown and lifeless, while the non-hanging plant (second photo with the big seed) is still green but leaves totally dry, brittle and they crackle and fall apart to the touch. Please help!Read More
My orchids had buds ready to bloom, then they all fell off. What am I doing wrong?Read More
“I just bought a house in Tucson, Arizona. The previous owners had a southwest lawn that was all gravel. I want to replace it with grass. What type of grass seed should I get for a lawn that will get really hot during the summer?”Read More
Can I move my houseplants outside now that spring is here?Read More
We love Easter Lilly plants but always kill them. Any hints to help make us more successful this year??Read More
Showing Ask Judy 1 to 10 of 799 total