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Hi Judy, can you please identify my beautiful house plant and provide improper care instructions. Thank you, CindyRead More
I bought these two beautiful plants but they didn’t have any identifying tags. I need to know what they are so I can care for them properly. Thank you.Read More
Hi Judy, A couple months ago, I found two house plants in the trash area of my apartment complex maybe because people were moving out. I brought them home and after a couple of months, to my surprise, one of them grew beautiful flowers. I'm really curious about what their names are. Can you help me to identify them? Thank you so much.Read More
I recently received this large house plant. However, I have no idea what it is or how to care for it. Please help!Read More
Hi Judy, I probably love plants as much as you do. I have a question .I have a bamboo plant.Some of the leaves are yellow is that too much water. Do they need a lot of water or not? and my jade plant as well does that need a lot of water? Thanks Love your website TheresaRead More
Hello! Here is a picture of a new leaf that has gone black on my Philodendron Split Leaf plant; also, there is a dark spot on another leaf. Can you let me know whats wrong with it? I water it once a week or so, and its in a bright room, but no direct sunlight. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! AliceRead More
I'm having some issues with proper care of a houseplant that came in a mixed plant container from a home improvement store. It looks like a spider plant but the leaves grow in stalks, not in rosettes. The issue is that the leaf tips are yellowing (too much water?) Can you help me identify? Thank you.Read More
We have just recently moved in to our first home so knew it was possible for our Fiddle Leaf Fig to drop some leaves. A lot of my leaves have brown spots on the edges. (I do live in Colorado, we are super dry) but I’m concerned about the last few leaves that have dropped. They are always on the bottom of the plant. The veins of the plants are very light and yellow almost, and rest of the leaf is not a deep dark green. I just need to figure this out. If I’m under watering or over watering. Thanks so much for your time.Read More
Hi Judy, This is my ivy, can you tell me why she is brown and dry. Its been like this since winter began, I'm wondering if it has to due with the cold air by the window.Read More
Hello Judy, I just moved to a new office area and I pitied this poor plant that only had one sort of dead palm leaf left. I watered it for a few weeks and some new palm leaves are forming but they look dry and brown as well. It was in a very small pot so I moved it to a bigger one. However, I have no idea how to care for it nor if it is worth the effort, so if you could help me maybe it could be saved or if not, sigh, replaced... Thanks ahead, MichelRead More
Showing Ask Judy 1 to 10 of 948 total