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What is causing the holes and blackish brown spots on my PhilodendronRead More
Hello, I just started 6 months ago and have been figuring out all the plants in the office, all except this one. We think it needs to be split since the two trunks/stems are going off in opposite directions, and there are two smaller offshoots that don't seem to be a problem yet. It has a sort of woody stem with large green leaves that come off in a palmate fashion (between 5 and 8 leaves each). According to my coworker it bloomed around 3-4 years ago with larger, white colored, nasty smelling flowers. If you could simply let me know what it is and any recommendations you have for it I would be grateful! Thank You!Read More
Hi. I've had this plant for about 15 years. Since I moved, it seems to love the new home. It grew 1-2 feet taller, sprouted 2 new stalks, and now it seems to be flowering. I can't find images of it online. What is this and is it flowering?Read More
I recently received a houseplant that was sent as a gift to the family after my grandfather passed away. It came with no identifying tag or name, and I don't know who sent it, much less which florist it was purchased from. I'd love to keep it alive and healthy, but I can't care for it if I don't know what it is. Could you help? I've attached several pictures from several angles.Read More
What does it mean when my Yucca tree gets a few bottom leaves turning yellow? I water about every 3-4 weeks during summer and definitely only once a month during winter months. At 3 weeks the 1st inch or so of soil still feels slightly damp (summer) so I hesitate to water.Read More
Hi I would love to know what this plant is, kind of heart shaped leaves, ragged split edges. Thank you.Read More
Hi Judy, I repotted this spider plant about 2 weeks ago and it is wilting and turning brown. Any idea what I can do to revive it? Thank you!Read More
I have done everything that the tag tells one to. I'm on my third (just becasue I love they way the look) but can't seem to keep it alive. The tag say to water 1-2 times weekly, but every day I loose two more leaves that turn brown/yellowish. On top 1" down with my finger the soil is dry. When I put in my digital probe it says zero, when I put in my analogue probe it says wet. Any advise would be most grateful. I am an avid indoor plant lover but do not have a lot of time just now. I would love to set up reminders etc. when I have time to sit down and do this. I live on disability but I'm sure I can give up something up to help keep the website going, it's a small price to save my plants. Thanks YvonneRead More
Question: any advice on keeping a Majesty Palm tree alive in an office space? Our owner bought 3 of them, and two already have dried, dead looking branches on the bottom of the trunk. One is very large, probably 7ft from ball bottom to top branches, and has some white, wax-like material on it's leaves near the branch?Read More
I have moved from a house with south facing windows and skylights to an apartment with low sun light. When I move my plants off the balcony for the winter what should I do differently? Read More
Showing Ask Judy 1 to 10 of 888 total