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My daughter got this plant when she moved in to college. We don't know what it is and it isn't happy. Any help you can provide is appreciated!!Read More
I have this plant but I do not know what it is or how to take care of it. Can you lead me in the right direction?Read More
I want to plant some Amaryllis bulbs for Christmas, but how do I know which are good? Big ones, small ones? should they have started to sprout so I know they're good? How many bulbs should I plant in a pot?Read More
What is this beautiful houseplant? I want to buy one if it's not too hard to care for. Thanks for your time.Read More
Just got a dendrobium orchid. It's gorgeous & I don't want to kill it. Please tell me how to care for it.Read More
I got a Cattleya Orchid as a Birthday present. Could you please tell me how to care for it. Thanks in advance.Read More
I have a fern that turns colors every few months. Could you tell me what it is.Read More
Had someone take care of plants while on vacation. Overwatered. Let dry completely and started regular watering. Still losing mostly new growth. Leaves turning yellow.Read More
My mother gave me this plant. I have no idea what it is. It looks like an elephant ear but I'm not sure.Read More
I bought a plant that has a card saying it's a Thanksgiving Cactus. How is a Thanksgiving Cactus different than a Christmas Cactus? Is the care different? How do I get it to flower.Read More
Showing Ask Judy 1 to 10 of 689 total