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Hi!! Can you please tell me the name of this plant and how to take care of it? Thanks!!Read More
Hi Judy, I have had this houseplant for 8 years, which was originally part of an arrangement of several plants given to us after my nephew's surgery. All the other plants in the arrangement unfortunately expired, and this is the sole remaining plant from it, which I've been taking extreme gentle care of through the years. But I'd like to know what it is, and if you have any pointers to help it grow more stems and stay super productive. I'm always concerned once the existing leaves expire that no more will grow's only ever had 3-5 leaves at most at a time. What kind of soil and fertilizer would you recommend...I did transplant it about 2 years ago into the homemade pot I painted for it. Thank you sincerely for your help! -MelissaRead More
A friend gave me this plant quite a few years ago, but never told me what it is. I would like to identify it so I can figure out how to better take care of it. Lately it isn't looking so great. This is an older picture of it. Please, can you tell me what it is? Thank you!Read More
Hi Judy, My plant was a gift several years ago. It thrived in a window with afternoon filtered light. I move d it at Xmas for the tree and it did poorly. Now dies a little more each day. Not sure what it wants. Don't know what type of plant it is.Read More
I am a caregiver for a 93 year old sweet lady, she was given this plant and would like to know what it is can you helpRead More
i bought a cat palm about a month ago. slowly parts of her fronds have been dying. they start browning on the tips, then turn yellow. one has already died completely now another one is yellowing. i am very worried because she is my favorite plant. i give her a big cup of water (pictured) a little more than half full. i keep her close to the window (also pictures) where she can get some sun. what is going on? i am so upsetRead More
Please tell me what this plant name is? ..thanks!Read More
Hi...have had a very bad ingestion of fungus gnats and had to toss most of my plants, I understand it was due to overwatering...If this happens again do you know a solution to kill themRead More
It was recently my birthday and I received this pot plant with not labels or anything to identify the plant attached. I've been looking online and I searched on your list of houseplants but couldn't find anything that had similar fruit/flower things. Please help!Read More
Okay we got this plant from HyVee when my sister-in-law passed away a month ago.There was so many branches on it. Then I found some websites that said filtered sun some said direct sun. And I did water with tap water the very first time I got it and now I use distilled water. Palm is turning brown now!Read More
Showing Ask Judy 1 to 10 of 967 total