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How often do I change the water of my lucky bamboo growing in water beads ?Read More
Hi Judy, I have this plant in my living room. It wasn't labelled when I got it. It has long dark green leaves that grow in a similar manner to a peace lily. The undersides are reddish-purple and kind of fuzzy. Apart from a bit of browning on the very tips, it seems to be in good health. It receives only a small amount of indirect light for a few hours every afternoon. I give it the dregs of my water, and a good soak every few weeks. It's never flowered though. Many thanks LowrieRead More
I have this plant that belonged to my grandmother, who recently passed and I know nothing about it. I do not know what type of plant or how to care for it. I reported it into a larger pot but the leaves are turning yellow from a dark green.Read More
My plant has developed white flies on new growth. I keep the plant indoors at about 72-75 degrees. Is this ok for growth and how do I get rid of whiteflies. I have clipped the leaves w/ flies.Read More
I have a begonia with dark wax leaves and white flowers. I have them each year on my porch and enjoy them. We, in Missouri, have cold winters and I have never tried to winter a plant. We have ultraviolet screening on each window so I don't usually try to have house plants. I would like to try to have begonias year round. I am NOT well versed in flowers, just like to look at them. Please help, Begonias for Dummies is my level.Read More
Hi Judy, Just got this little guy and noticed some yellowing of a couple of the leaves, starting at the tips. I haven't even watered him yet so I'm not sure what's going on here. Please help! Thanks, ErinRead More
Hi Judy , I bought this plant a few days ago with no tag and I would really appreciate if yiu ciuld help identify this plant so that I can provide the proper care for it ! For now ,I reputted it as soon as I got it so it has all-purpose potting mix and is on a table facing an east window . I am totally new at this hobby so any counsels will be strongly appreciated! Thank you in advance MollyRead More
I have had my balfore aralia for a few years and it has grown beautifully. Suddenly a few months ago, the new leaves at the top sprouted then died and fell off. Then one of the mature leaves fell off. I over watered it... So I removed it from it's pot and checked the roots for rot. Saw none; rinsed roots off and replanted in an appropriate soil. It has been one week and now all leaves are starting to turn yellow and many have dropped. Is it in shock? How can I save it?Read More
Hi there, wondering if you would be able to help me. I have a beautiful Croton plant at my office. I would like to separate this plant into three pots as it's been falling. What is the best way to do this without completely shocking and killing this gorgeous plant? I have attached pics of the plant and the rootball.Read More
Could you please help me identify this plant and what I can do to maintain it. The dead bloom on top was yellow. Thank youRead More
Showing Ask Judy 1 to 10 of 995 total