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I have two Mother of Thousands Kalanchoes. The green one has leaflets of the edges of the leaves and when they fall off in the soil new plants start to grow. When the one with pink leaflets drops the little leaves, nothing ever grows. What should I do to fix this.Read More
My sister bought a really pretty plant that has very colorful, longish, thick leaves. The tag says peperomia, but the only peperomias I've seen are dark green with roundish leaves. Could you please tell us what it really is.Read More
Hi - When neighbor moved out she gave me this plant. I re-potted immediately since the roots were busting out all around. Now its growth seems slow, and leaves often yellow. First I do not even know what type of plant it is, I checked your site and it could be elephant ear type plant but lacked certain traits. Anyhow can your help, thanks.Read More
Hi Judy! I recently repotted this healthy but seemingly crowded plant. I tried rooting the stems that broke off but it will not root! My father just died & it was his. It looks so sad now, would you please identify what this is & can you tell me how to grow roots? I appreciate your help! Thank you: -)Read More
This plant has never flowered but Grandma's friend's has the same plant and it has bloomed. Neither one knows what the plant is. Whatis the plant and how do we get it to produce flowers? Thanks for your help!Read More
Can you identify this plant? If so, what should I do with the brown leaves? What should I do to prevent them from turning brown?.Read More
Saw picture of this gorgeous plant. Could you identify it for me and tell me how to care for it? Have a cat, is it poisonous??Read More
Can you identify the problem with my nepthytis. It is a variety with pink/red tones in the leaves. Some of the leaves have turned brownish and the new leaves are brown before opening. I don't see any signs of insects. I have had another variety of this plant that I had for many years and never had a problem with it.Read More
I am hoping you could help identify this plant. I have not seen any flowers on it, but I am thinking it could be a angel wing begonia. What do you think it could be? Thanks.Read More
Hello, We recently purchased these beautiful plants, but I am afraid that we are unsure as to how to properly take care of them. The clerk at OSH said that the plants were slightly burned because of exposure to direct sunlight, so we put them indoors. Our apartment gets very little sunlight (we even have our lights on during the day), so they are under LED indoor lighting. I noticed that the peace lily looked droopy, so I moved it outside to our balcony, where is exposed to indirect sunlight. What is better for these plants, indirect sunlight throughout the day or indoors under LED light? Should I leave the lights on all day? How often should I water and how much water each time? These plants are so beautiful, and I want to make sure that they are healthy!Read More
Showing Ask Judy 1 to 10 of 816 total