Back From the Galapagos and the Amazon Rain Forest

What a trip! As a 50th (yes some people can really be married 50 years) anniversary present to ourselves, my husband and I set off on a two week adventure to the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rain Forest. It was a remarkable and very strenuous adventure! We flew to Quito, Ecuador for a few days, toured around,  and visited the equator (where we had one foot in the Northern hemisphere and one foot in the Southern hemisphere). Then took a 2 hour plane trip to the Galapagos Islands which are part of Ecuador. There we boarded a motorized catamaran with seven other couples and started our journey. We were a lot more comfortable than Darwin was when he made this trip. For the next 5 days we hiked volcanic islands, snorkeled with the sea lions, stood next to 200 pound tortoises, and could almost touch red and blue footed boobies (a type of bird). Behind every rock or ledge there was a hidden treasure,  flamingos wading in clear pools of water, penguins resting on the rocks, sharks swimming along side us. Before we knew it, we were flying back to Quito to get ready to go to the Amazon Rain Forest. Check out our FaceBook page ( for pictures of some of the great animals we saw on our trip. Tomorrow’s post, the Amazon Rain Forest.