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White flowers on Gardenia Plant
Gardenia jasminoides
Gardenia plants have beautifully scented waxy white flowers and glossy green leaves, but are very temperamental plants and won't put up with neglect. A gardenia plant requires very specific growing conditions and constant attentio... Read More
Pink and red Geranium Plant
GeraniumPlants are very popular outdoor plants, but they also make great indoor flowering plants. Geraniums are part of the genus Pelargonium which means “stork” in Latin. Native wildflowers and herbaceous perennials are the r... Read More
Bright orange Goldfish Plant
Columnea nematanthus
If you have a high light area that calls for a hanging or table plant that flowers, Goldfish plants are a perfect choice. A goldfish plant, native to Southern Mexico, Brazil, and Costa Rica, comes in over 25 different varieties. G... Read More
Dark green hanging Grape Ivy Plant
Cissus rhombifolia
Grape Ivy plants, and their relative the Oak Leaf or Ellen Danica Ivy, have dark green glossy leaves that grow off of long thin stems. They are only about 18" tall but can have trailing vines up to 10ft. in length. Trailing vine p... Read More
Showing Plants 1 to 4 of 4 total