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White Easter Lily
Lilium Longiflorum
The Easter Lily plant or Lilium longiflorum is a plant native to the Ryukyu Islands of Japan and Taiwan and before the start of the Second World War all of our bulbs came from there. After 1941 commercial production of Easter Lily... Read More
Dark green, spade shaped Emerald Gem Plant.
An Emerald Gem Plant or Homalomena, native to tropical Asia and South America, is an upright plant with dark green, waxy, spade-shaped leaves. The short compact shape of an Emerald Gem Plant makes it ideal for areas with height re... Read More
Small, dark green, leathery English Ivy Plant.
Hedera helix
English Ivy Plants, native to North America, Europe, and Asia, can be found in over 100 different sizes, colors, and leaf shapes. Whether you want a plant to place on a table, hang from the ceiling, sit in a wall sconce, or train ... Read More
Red flower dark green episcia plant
Episcia cupriata
Flame Violet Plant
Episcias are lovely trailing plants native to Central and South America, Brazil, and the West Indies. An Episcia Plant is grown for its colorful textured leaves and small but pretty flowers. The most popular variety of the Episcia... Read More
Showing Plants 1 to 4 of 4 total