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Leaves have turned into sharp spines and stems have become thick and succulent
Cereus Peruvianus monstrosis
A cactus plant is an excellent, easy care, indoor plant that thrives in low household humidity. Cacti are native to the Americas especially Mexico, southern Argentina, and Bolivia. The distinc... Read More
Red and green caladium plant
Elephant Ear Plant
Caladium plants, or Elephant Ear plants as they are sometimes called, are grown for their large, paper-thin, heart-shaped, colorful leaves that are often more spectacular than many flowers. The most popular indoor caladiums are th... Read More
Calathea plant with large green leaves with purple backs
Calathea roseopicta
Peacock Plant
Calathea plants, native to tropical South and Central America, Africa, and the West Indies, are grown primarily for their beautiful, brightly colored, upright, oval leaves. There are over 300 different types of Calathea plants, ma... Read More
Striped leaves grow at the end of long stems on Calathea plants
Calathea ornata lineata
Striped Calathea
Calathea  plants are native to Africa, the West Indies, and Central and South America. All are treasured for their large, oval, distinctly patterned, and vibrantly colored leaves. The beautiful striped leaves grow at the end of l... Read More
Pink Calla Lily Plant
Zantedeschia aethiopica
Trumpet Lily
The Calla Lily is a beautiful plant whether grown outdoors or indoors in a decorative pot by a sunny window. This elegant plant, native to the marshes of South Africa, is not really a lily at all but a member of the Araceae family... Read More
Green, pointed, course textured, leathery leaves of Cast Iron Plant
A Cast Iron plant, native to China, is an almost indestructible easy-care plant that survives where other houseplants quickly die. Water it or forget to water it, good light or poor light, war... Read More
Glossy, dark green leaves on thin shoots
Chamaedorea cataractarum
Cataract Palms
The Cat palm, also called the Cascade or Cataract palm, is native to southeastern Mexico and resembles the inexpensive Areca palm and the very pricey Kentia palm. Indoors the plant grows slowly, eventually reaching a height of 4-6... Read More
Lacy-looking, glossy, green foliage on China Doll plant
Radermachera sinica
A China Doll plant is a very fast growing plant with lacy-looking, glossy, green foliage that is native to the subtropical mountain regions of southern China and Taiwan. China Doll plants appear very compact and sturdy when you fi... Read More
Dark green and gray Chinese Evergreen plant
Chinese Evergreen "Emerald Beauty"
A Chinese Evergreen plant is one of the easiest and best-looking houseplants to have in your home or office. Aglaonemas, the scientific name for Chinese Evergreen plants, are a hardy hybrid from the Aroid family and originally cam... Read More
Grey, green, patterned Chinese Evergreen
A Chinese Evergreen plant is one of the easiest and best-looking houseplants to have in your home or office. Aglaonemas, the scientific name for a Chinese Evergreen, are a hardy hybrid from the aroid family and originally came fro... Read More
Showing Plants 1 to 10 of 20 total