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Aspidistra elatior
About Aspidistra elatior or the Cast Iron plant, native to China, Japan, and Taiwan, is an almost indestructible easy-care plant that survives where other houseplants quickly die. It’s a member of the Asparagaceae family an... Read More
Chamaedorea cataractarum
Cataract Palms
About The Cat Palm (Chamaedorea cataractarum) is also called a Cascade Palm or Cataract Palm. Cat Palms are native to southeastern Mexico and resemble the inexpensive Areca Palm and the very pricey Kentia Palm. Duri... Read More
Radermachera sinica
A China Doll, Radermachera sinica, plant is a very fast growing plant with lacy-looking, glossy, green foliage that is native to the subtropical mountain regions of southern China and Taiwan. China Doll plants appear very compact ... Read More
Chinese Evergreen Emerald Beauty Chinese Evergreen Maria
About A Chinese evergreen plant, Aglaonema , originally came from the subtropics of Southeast Asia. This plant is a member of the Araceae family and a close cousin to the alocasia, caladium, dieffenbachia, and philodendr... Read More
A Chinese Evergreen plant is one of the easiest and best-looking houseplants to have in your home or office. Aglaonemas, the scientific name for a Chinese Evergreen, are a hardy hybrid from the aroid family and originally came fro... Read More
Schlumbergera bridgesii
About A Christmas Cactus plant, Schlumbergera bridgesii is one of the most popular flowering houseplants sold during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. This cactus plant is totally different from the cactus we see gro... Read More
A Chrysanthemum plant is really an outdoor plant that has become a popular floral gift and flowering plant for home and office. It is second only to the rose as the most popular cut flower in the world. Mums are members of the Ast... Read More
Pericallis cruenta
Cineraria plants are beautiful small flowering plants that are available for purchase during the late winter and early spring. The compact Cineraria plant has tight bunches of petite daisy like flowers surrounded by large dark gre... Read More
Clivia miniata
Kaffir Lily
Clivia plants, close relatives of Amaryllis plants, are easy- care almost indestructible flowering plants from South Africa. Named after a Duchess belonging to the Clive family, Clivias have long, thick, dark-green arching leaves ... Read More
About The coffee plant or C.Arabica originated on the Arabian Peninsula and the mountains of Yemen. It's also found in the highlands of Ethiopia and southeastern Sudan. In nature, the plant is a bush or small tree, much larger tha... Read More
Showing Houseplants 31 to 40 of 141 total