Orchid – Cymbidium

Cymbidium Orchidaceae

Cymbidium orchid plants, or Boat orchids, are among the most attractive, popular, and long lasting orchid plants available throughout the world.  The name Cymbidium comes from the greek word Kumbos which means cavity and refers to the shape of the base of the lip of the flower. Cymbidium orchids  have been cultivated for thousands of years in Eastern Asia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Borneo, northern Australia, and the Himalayas but only became popular in Europe during the Victorian Age. Today, because of the many hybrid Cymbidium orchid plants, they grow throughout the world. These plants have long, thin, grass – like leaves. Sturdy stems or spikes emerge from the leaves of the plant and each spike produces 15-30 beautiful waxy- looking orchid flowers. There are over 52 varieties of Cymbidiums, each with a different color and pattern to their flowers. Cymbidium blooms, which often last for months, come in yellow, red, pink, orange, light green, yellowish green, white, cream, and even brown. The only flower colors missing are blue and black. These plants have the added advantage of being able to bloom during the winter when other orchids cannot. Although Cymbidium orchid plants require a little extra care, their beautiful flowers make it all worthwhile.