Hibiscus Plant

Hibiscus trionum
Flower of the Hour Plant

Hibiscus plants are found outdoors in tropical and sub-tropical areas throughout the world. They also do well as indoor plants in warm, temperate climates. There are hundreds of varieties of Hibiscus and all bloom indoors when given the right conditions, though the flowers may be smaller than if it had been grown outdoors. Many of the new varieties of Hibiscus are hybrids grown from tissue cultures in greenhouses. Hibiscus plants, upright, woody bushes with dark glossy maple-leaf shaped foliage, bear beautiful flowers in hundreds of color combinations such as orange, red, yellow, pink, and white. The size of the blooms may be as small as 2” or as large as 10”-12.” A Hibiscus bush can be 1′-15′ in height depending on whether it’s growing in a pot or planted outside in the ground. These plants can also make beautiful topiaries and Bonsai PlantsLearn how to grow bonsai plants, and which plants make the best bonsai plants at Houseplant411.com.