Chinese Evergreen Plant


The easy to grow attractive low-light Chinese Evergreen Plant is one of the best indoor houseplants available today. A Chinese Evergreen Plant, or Aglaonema, is a hardy hybrid of two plants in the Aroid family that originally came from the subtropics of Southeast Asia. Chinese Evergreen Plants can be used as an upright table plant or, as it gets larger, a bushy floor plant. All of the many varieties of Chinese Evergreen Plants have long shiny leathery leaves with unique patterns of green, gray, and cream. NASA lists the Chinese Evergreen Plant as one of its top ten Clean Air PlantsWe have known for quite a while that plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and add oxygen, now we know that plants also remove air born pollutants that come from carpets, paint, copy machines, manufactured wood products, pesticides, upholstery, laminated counters, plastic wallpaper, detergents and even paper towels. Biologic air-born contaminants such as pollen, mold, bacteria, and viruses grow in humidifiers, air conditioners, ducts, carpets, ceilings, & tiles. New energy efficient buildings, which are better insulated than older buildings and furnished with more synthetic products, have greater air quality problems than older drafty buildings..