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Adiantum raddianum
Delta Ferns
A Maiden Hair fern, which originated in the Brazilian tropics, can be found growing in temperate climates throughout the world. The graceful, delicate fronds sometimes reach 20"-24" in length and are covered in tiny, triangular, b... Read More
Ravenea Rivularis
About I have to admit that a Majesty Palm, sometimes referred to as a Majestic Palm, is not a plant I recommend to those just beginning to care for houseplants. They are a challenge to take care of and are not very forgiving. Maje... Read More
Epipremnum Aureum
Devil's Ivy Plant
About The marble queen pothos, Epipremnum aureum “Marble Queen,” a member of the Araceae family, was originally found growing on French Polynesia islands; today it is native to tropical and subtropical forests throughout the w... Read More
Mimosa Pudica
Sensitive Plant
The Mimosa species of plants began as a creeping annual plant in Central and South America and is still often used as a ground cover. The Mimosa pudica or Sensitive Plant is the variety most often grown as a houseplant. The Sensit... Read More
Tradescantia spathacea
Oyster Plant
A Moses in the Cradle plant grows beautifully both as an outdoor plant and as a colorful indoor plant. The scientific name of a Moses in the Cradle plant was originally Rhoeo discolour, then Rhoeo spathacea, and now it’s Tr... Read More
Showing Houseplants 1 to 5 of 5 total