This Glossary is a list of terms and words relating to plants. Read information and see  pictures about plant pests, diseases, propagation methods, clean air plants, poisonous houseplants, bonsai techniques, and helpful plant products. You can explore the Glossary as a list, or link to these terms from various plant detail pages. See Entire Glossary
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Black spots on plant leaves from Black Spot Disease
Black Spot Plant Disease (Diplocarpon rosae) is a type of plant fungus. The Black Spot disease moves from the lowest leaves of a plant upward causing leaf drop and black spots with round perforated edges. Plants badly affected wit... Read More
Green Bonsai Plant
Bonsai is an artistic method of growing plants and trees in small containers; the technique originated in Asia hundreds of years ago. Bonsai literally means tray planting. The object of a Bonsai Plan is to create an artistic combi... Read More
Showing Terms 1 to 2 of 2 total