Why does an Asparagus Plant Turn Yellow?

Hi Judy,

I had three of these plants in my bathroom in low-light (high humidity). After 6 months, it has started turning brown and dying. Any suggestions on how to save? I am a beginner at having plants so any tips are much appreciated!



Your plant is called an Asparagus Fern. Asparagus Ferns look beautiful sitting on a table or hanging in a basket. During the summer, Asparagus Ferns are perfect plants to hang in a sunny spot on your porch. In the proper location, Asparagus Ferns grow over 2-3ft. wide with cascading trailers 2-4ft.in length. The long graceful vines of an Asparagus Fern are covered in tiny needle-like bright green leaves; an added plus are the small white flowers that eventually turn into red berries. Be careful, hidden amongst the lush foliage of an Asparagus Fern are little sharp thorns that are difficult to see. The red berries of an Asparagus Fern are poisonous. Asparagus Ferns need very bright light in order to do well. There are complete care instructions for an Asparagus Fern in the Popular Houseplant Section of the HousePlant411.com website.