Why do my Dieffenbachia HousePlants Die?

I have had alot of luck with houseplants, but every time I get a Diffenbachia Plant I manage to kill it. In July 2015 I bought a little plant in a 4inch pot, it was beautiful, it slowly began to loose a leaf from the bottom an now has one leaf starting to sprout, I would really love to save this plant. I know it gets good light I am very careful with watering, I use the vitamin you recomended superthriveSuperthrive combines vitamins and hormones to encourage plant growth both above and below the soil line. It's not a plant food so it needs to be used in addition to your regular plant food; the two can be used at the same time. Just put a few drops into your watering can & that's all that's needed to improve the health & appearance of your plants. If your plants are in real trouble, add about 10 drops per 2 gallons of water. SuperThrive works best when the soil is dry.     on all my houseplants. Can you please help Judy? Thanks, Susan

Hi Susan,

White and green patterned Dieffenbach

Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow

Here are a couple of reasons why your dieffenbachia houseplants may be losing leaves.