White-edged Swedish Ivy Smells

Can you identify this houseplant and tell me why is smells so badly.

Hi Donna,


Your plant is called Plectranthus coleoides or White-edged Swedish Ivy. Swedish Ivy Plants do emit a strange odor when the leaves are touched. A Swedish Ivy will not survive outside during the winter because they need   warm temperatures, 70-75 degrees, during most of the year. In the winter, Swedish Ivy Plants do well in cooler temperatures between 60-65 degrees. I’d check and make sure that the smell is not coming directly from the soil. If that is the case, replacing the soil may cure the problem. The soil in houseplants will take on a bad smell for the following reasons:

1. You used outdoor garden soil and it often starts to smell when used on a indoor plant.

2. The soil is being kept too wet or water is collecting in the drip saucer;  worse, water is collecting in the bottom of the plant pot itself.

3. Plant diseases such as mold or fungus cause odors.