Unknown Plant is Kimberly Queen Fern

Hello! I recently came across a lone indoor fern in my local shop but they simply tagged it as “indoor fern”, could you please help me identify it? And could I please get some advice on how to best care for it? Thank you 🙂


Hi Tony,

Your plant looks like a Kimberly Queen Fern also called an Australian Sword Fern. The Kimberly Queen fern is more compact, tidier, and easier to care for than many other indoor ferns. Its long, almost erect sword-shaped fronds never leave a mess. You can read all my care tips for a Kimberly Queen Fern in the Popular Houseplant section of the website.



The important thing to remember is that the plant gets brown, crunchy fronds when it is over watered! Wait until the fronds become a little pale in color before watering.