How to Propagate a Christmas Cactus?

How and when should I propagate my Christmas Cactus. Mine is really big and my sister wants to have one also.

Hi Michelle,

A Christmas Cactus Plant is easily propagated by stem cuttings during the spring and summer. Use several three jointed segments from healthy stems on your current Christmas Cactus Plant. Allow the stem cuttings to dry out for a few hours and form a hardened callus on the end before planting them; this helps prevent stem rot from developing.

Plant the cutting about 1″-2″ deep in a small 4″ pot that has drip holes in the bottom. Use a loose soil that has some peat and sand in it. Cover the cutting with plastic or put the entire pot in a plastic bag to create a greenhouse effect. Keep the soil on the dry side to prevent the new roots from staying too wet and disintegrating. The roots take about 3 or 4 weeks to develop.

Pink Christmas Cactus Plant

Christmas Cactus Plant