Spring is the Perfect Time to Prune HousePlants

I have several Schefflers’s, a Croton and a Hoya that really need to be pruned. What time of year is best to do this? The Schefflera’s and the Croton need some serious pruning. I put all outside during the summer so the will be moved soon. Thanks!

Hi Shair,

Spring is the perfect time to prune your plants and start new plants from the stem cuttings, leaf cuttingsLearn how to propagate plants using stem cuttings, leaf cuttings, cane cuttings, and branch cuttings., or root ball division. There are complete instructions in the Popular HousePlant Section of the website on how to prune and propagate crotons, hoyas, and scheffleras. Be careful never to put them into the direct sun when you move them outside for the summer and keep an eye out for grasshoppers. They love to munch on houseplants.