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I got this plant, and it was listed as Tropical Foliage. Since I brought it home, it's looked pretty down. So I'm trying to figure out what it is so I can better take care of it. Help please! Thank you!Read More
Hello, I was so happy to find your website! I used it to identify my Alocasia and my Dieffenbachia (so that's why my hands are itchy!) but I couldn't seem to find a match for one of the others. The closest match I could find was a Philodendron Imperial Red Plant but I'm not too sure. If you could help me, I would be sooooo happy. Thanks a lot, ScottRead More
I know one plant name is croton but the other two I don't know. What are they and are they poisonous to my cat?Read More
Hi Judy, I have for some time tried to figure out what kind of plant I have. It was received as a housewarming gift some time back and had a few other smaller plants growing with it, had a kind of moss on top of the soil, but those smaller plants have died and this one remained. It didn't do so well in my Massachusetts home as far as growing more leaves but when I moved to Utah it was like it became alive again and started growing more leaves. Seems to do ok if I water it only once a week. This week though 5-6 of the leaves turned yellow and the plant started to wilt. Not sure if it was in too much sunlight or the central air was getting to it (however I did move it away from the direct blow of the vents about a month ago and it was fine). Anyways, I'd like to get more info about it because I'm interested in replanting it in a bigger pot and hope it will grow larger.Read More
Hi Judy, I have looked and looked online and have been unable to ID one of my houseplants. A photo is attached. I would also like to know if it will eventually start it's own new stems? It just seems to get taller and taller. I started it from 2 stem cuttings that were propagated in water. I'm thinking of transplanting it to a larger pot. Any advice? Thank you every so much for your help. LenniRead More
Could you please tell me what this plant is? It is a picture of a plant that I got from a lady from California that has since passed away. It looks tropical and also has a cactus look. 1 inch square stalk, but no spikes or spines anywhere. a small round pod appears and spits small black seeds everywhere. I would appreciate any help you could give to help id this plant Thanks Randy Read More
Hi Judy. I believe I have a Dracaena Carmen (although I once saw it referred to as a Dracaena Art Carmen) that is showing signs of distress (see photo; the "healthy" leaves are firm, dark green with a yellow stripe along each edge). Any idea what I'm doing wrong and how to remedy? I don't know if it matters, but I recently moved from an almost 100% fluorescent office light interior office to an office with a south facing window that lets in plenty of indirect sunlight and a few hours of direct sunlight. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!Read More
Showing Ask Judy 871 to 877 of 877 total