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Hi Judy, I got this little one from Cosco and it didn’t come with identification or instructions, but it was labeled a succulent on the shelf....Read More
Hi, I have a mother-in-law plant that has been around for years and years. Some of the spikes are around 4' high. But lately I have noticed some of the smaller spikes turning yellow and the dying. It is not in an extremely sunny location and just seemed to begin this yellowing and dying in the last 8 weeks. Any suggestions? DaveRead More
Hello Judy first I thank you for telling me what my other plant was. Now I have another that I am hoping you can identify for me. Also, I want to know why its leaves keep looking like they are burnt? Am I giving it too much light?Read More
I am wondering what kind of plant this is and how to take care of it?Read More
What kind of plant is this and how do I care for itRead More
I inherited this plant when my mother passed away along with all her other plants. I never had a green thumb but I seem to be doing okay now. I do not know what this plant is or how to take care of it. It was all standing up at one point now it seems to be falling all over the place please if you could explain what is going on or what I'm supposed to do I would be grateful.Read More
Hi Judy, I have a plant that I am unable to identify, and therefore unable to care for properly. It arrived in a dish garden from my brother's funeral and is very special to me but seems to be growing out of control. Please help me identify this plant so I can keep it living! Thank you so much, GinaRead More
I got this plant in May of last year and within two weeks all of the blooms had fallen off. I didn't worry because I was told that would happen periodically but it would bloom again in a couple of months. As you can see it still appears to be healthy, the leaves continue to grow, it started off with just two and now has five beautiful leaves. The roots look good too. I just don't know why it will not bloom. What am I doing wrong?Read More
Dear Judy, I love your site and need your help. Some years ago I planted this plant out of a seed, but I don't recall exactly what it was, could be a grapefruit, lemon or papaya, my mom thinks is from the citrus family judging by the leaves. The leaves produce a sticky liquid that stays on them like small water drops. The plant developed some brown capsules on older leaves and stems, a lot of them. They don't move, but still, are these pests? if so, should I try to dislodge them with a little sharp object or treat them with some substance? Here are some photos. I hope you can help me. Warm greetings, AncaRead More
Hi Judy, please can you help me identify this house plant I was given as a Christmas gift. Many thanks Em xxRead More
Showing Ask Judy 41 to 50 of 864 total