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I have a lot of overgrown houseplants. Could you tell me the best way to propagate them. Thanks!Read More
I have inherited a plant that I have not identified yet. It had tiny white flowers last Spring. I have attached a photo. Thanks SteveRead More
What are these white things on my China doll plant & how to get rid of them?Read More
I was given this plant from my sister when her husband passed away. I’m not sure what it is or why we are having such a hard time keeping it alive. We do have hard water and we live in north Texas where it is pretty dry. We water it everyday and it still is very dry and wilting with lots of brown. Please help! I can’t let this plant die.Read More
Hi Judy! This came in a house plant bouquet and while some of the others were dying off this little guy seems to be doing fine. Not sure what it is but want to properly replant and know how to care for it. Thanks!Read More
Hi there, I have this plant which I believe is some kind of Dracanea but I am not positive and it was moved in a trailer for a 16 hour last year and then I repotted it and now it seems to be slowly loosing its leaves and curling. Any suggestions on what I should do? I have washed the leaves and water it about twice a week.Read More
Is it safe to have a Christmas tree if I have a cat and a a 2 year old child?Read More
Hi There, I bought a what I believe is a Majesty Palm for my office workspace about 3-4 months ago. I replanted into a similar size pot..but it doesnt have holes in the bottom (I'm going to repot back into one with holes). Anyway, the tips of all my leaves are turning brown! A dry brown, with yellow around the brown, & the leaves seem to appear blotchy yellow as well. It seems to be happening to the newer fronds is also still growing new fronds, but they appear to be going slightly brown before even opening up. I did notice the plant had spider mites a few weeks back, have treated the plant for them, & they are gone now. I was watering once the top layer of soil was dry, but am now watering slightly more often. Please help! This is so sad!Read More
Hi Judy, I have no clue what kind of plant this is. I think it is an umbrella plant but I’m not sure. Is this plant poisonous to cats?Read More
Hi there! My houseplant was given to me as a gift, it used to be bright florescent pink color (as pictured) and it only bloomed once with purple flowers out of each point on the pink piece. It's dying and I feel like I have no idea how to correctly care for it. Please help!Read More
Showing Ask Judy 41 to 50 of 882 total