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For some reason our cat has started using 2 of our houseplants as her litter box. She knows better because she sneaks over to the plants when she thinks we've left the room. We've used plant-safe cat repellant but it doesn't slow her down. I realize your forte is with plants, not cats, but if you know of anything that might help we would be so grateful! Thanks in advance!Read More
I always thought this was a Jade plant but after research I discovered it isn't. What it is? Please help! Thank you.Read More
Hi Judy, I saved this plant off the side of the road yesterday. It's looking a bit sad and I'm hoping to bring it back to life, however I would love to know what it is in the first place! I'm thinking some sort of Ficus sp. but I may be totally wrong. Pictures attached. It is about 45 cm high, 45 cm wide. It's a woody plant. Leaves are alternate, quite thick and glossy green, with what I assume are little pointy bracts above the petiole. Petiole is up to 1.5 cm. Many thanks for your help. Read More
Hi Judy, I have houseplants in my apartment and well, I HAD plants on my balcony. They were destroyed by broad mites and I had to throw them all out, except for the herbs (basil, mint, oregano, lavender) which repel the mites and remain unaffected. I thought the issue had been isolated to the balcony, but given how these broad mites travel, my indoor plants are now showing signs of infestation. I LOVE my plants and this whole experience has been really heartwrenching. I've had one of my indoor plants for 8 years - he's tall beautiful and healthy...but some new leaves growing look abnormal. I have a total of 10 plants inside and I'd like to salvage them, if possible. I've read all about these mites and how they lay eggs in the plant, which makes them hard to kill. Is there any type of solution? I appreciate any guidance here. Thank you!Read More
Please identify this plant and provide care instructions. Thank you!Read More
Hi Judy I have this houseplant and I think it might be making my kitten sick... I’m not sure what it is! Please help!Read More
Hello, I'm not very sure what type of plant this is but he's not looking very healthy and I would love some advice! Thank you :)Read More
Hello, I bought this plant last weekend and don't know the name of it. I was just hoping to know how often to water it and how much sunlight it should be getting. Thanks for your time. AlannaRead More
Hi Judy, I have a Chinese evergreen plant and a Majesty Palm. From what I understand, these plants should be watered once a week correct? My question is, how much water should I give them once it's time to water. Should I make the soil completely wet or should the top two inches of the soil only be wet? Also, what do you use to measure how much water to give them if you do so at all? For instance, do you use a measuring cup or do you just base it off of instinct? Thanks in advance!Read More
Hi. I’ve never seen this in all my years keeping houseplants. A cluster of small yellow mushrooms that are shaped like (sorry) a penis. I’ve found a few references online but I can’t determine if it’s bad and how I should go about getting rid of it. This appeared in a plant ive had for at least five years and there’s been no change in its environment whatsoever. Please help me to figure out what to do with these. I’m afraid to just pull them out because I know some fungi release spores or something that will just make more grow.Read More
Showing Ask Judy 31 to 40 of 1046 total