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I live in the Florida Panhandle and we are still trying to get over the devastation of Hurricane Michael and put our homes back together. I have an 89 yr old neighbor who has mold growing around her AC/Heating unit. She wants to get plants that will help clean the air of pollutants. Can you suggest some clean air plants. Thank you!Read More
I just got this plant to add to my collection. I have no idea what it is or how to care for itRead More
Hi Judy, I have many houseplants and am getting my first ever cat. Want to make sure that I remove all toxic houseplants from the home before i bring my cat home. Could you please help me determine if I should remove these plants all together from my home, or if you think they are ok to leave in my home? Of course better safe than sorry, but want to know your expert help if possible. Thx! Read More
We live on a ranch in a pretty remote area of Utah. I really love plants, but there are just not that many plant nurseries or garden centers nearby where I can go to buy them. I have thought about ordering them online, but just don’t know what they’d look like by the time they reach me. Can you recommend an online plant company that I might be able to order plants from? Thanks so much, VickieRead More
I am not sure what kind of plant this is but I have had it for about 4 years and now it's starting to die. Last year I repotted it and I'm not sure if its maybe getting too much water in the new pot or not so I stopped watering it for about 2 weeks but it was still dying. Can you help?Read More
Could you help me identify what plant this is? It is growing indoors with medium light and seems to be doing well, but I can’t figure out what it is. Thank you!Read More
Hi Judy, I bought a beautiful houseplant a few months ago but have no idea what it is! It seemed to be doing just fine but now has lost all it's leaves and is discoloring... Can I save it?Read More
Hi, I have a Desert Rose plant and every time a leaf grows the tip turns brown, the leaf dies and falls off. I've read they like it hot and this past summer it stayed outside in direct morning sun and got watered every couple of days. I hope you can help. Thanks, GlendaRead More
Could you find out what kind of plant this is. ThanksRead More
Judy, My husband received this plant when his brother died. I am clueless on what this plant is. I'm pulling dead leaves off the plant weekly. I dont want to disappoint my husband and the plant die that would just add to his heart break. Please tell me what this plant is and how to keep it alive. Thanks JudyRead More
Showing Ask Judy 31 to 40 of 882 total