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When I purchased it all it said was tropical foliage. Would love to know the name and how to properly care for it! Two of the leaves have brown spots. Was wondering what to do. Thank youRead More
Someone gave me two of these plants. They had no idea what they were. Trying to figure out what they are and how to take care of them.Read More
Hello Judy! I just received this plant and I need help identifying it so I don't kill it by accident. I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you so much!Read More
Why are the tips of the leaves on my plants turning brown?Read More
(Sorry that this is long) I watered my dracaena and it started dying and I thought it was because I watered it too soon. But I saw a video and said it might need to be repotted so I took it out of the pot and I saw that i put regular soil where the drainage hole is but is blocking it. The soil with my plant is wet at the bottom. Should I leave my plant out of the pot and let the soil dry until I can water it again? Or is it too late and I need to propagate it? Which method? Thanks :)Read More
Do you know why this plant is so unhappy? Thanks a million!Read More
I received a plant gift basket and I can’t identify these plants. Please help! Thank you, SynamonRead More
Hello, I have had my Pothos for over a year, and just recently it’s leaves have begun to turn yellow after I water it. I’ve been watering the same amount that i’ve always done, and nothing has changed in its environment, so i’m not sure what’s up. It seems the leaves are falling off of the same stems, leaving the stems almost bare. Read More
I inherited this from a former co-worker and I'm not quite sure what it is. I've tried looking, but I'm not the best at searching to find the information I want. Thanks in advance for any information you can share.Read More
Hello! This is my second Spider Plant that I've owned. Unfortunately my first one didn't make it. I love these plants and I would really like to keep this one alive. It's only been about 2 weeks since I've gotten this one, and it doesn't look quite right. It's droopy and there seems to be a some parts that are turning a dark brown color. What could this be? And what can I do to help the plant?? Thanks!Read More
Showing Ask Judy 21 to 30 of 1046 total