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What is the name of this plant and how do I care for it??Read More
Would love to know it’s name and proper care & lighting... Also how to keep the ends from browning Not sure it showed up in the pic Thnx!Read More
I just bought these Aralia plants for the office, are they poisonous?Read More
For years my dracaena has the classic browning tips but was otherwise healthy. A few months ago i came to believe I was overwatering, and so started watering only when the soil felt dry when I stuck my finger all the way in. Now it is in much worse shape!! Too little water? Something else?Read More
Hello Judy, I have no idea what this is or how best to care for it. Thanks, CherylRead More
My pothos plant was thriving and strong for a few months, but then I left my home for a week and came back and it was not doing well. The leaves are curling, droopy, soft, and some are turning yellow. The soil is dry at the top and moist near the bottom of the pot. How do I fix it! And how do I prune so it grows more around the pot and spreads out?Read More
Hi Judy!! I just bought a few indoor plants from my local garden centre and a few of them don’t have their names on them, one of is labeled as a fern mix but I was wondering if you have a better idea on it’s name! Also some care tips would be greatly appreciated as I’m new to this:) thank you!!Read More
Hi Judy. I'm a dumb bachelor who rescued what look like a couple of palms that someone had tossed out. They are contained in big outdoor containers that don't look ideal for drainage and I'm worried I'm overwatering. Small apt and I don't have the opportunity to take them outside to give a good drenching/draining. Any ideas? Thanks!Read More
I love ferns and have quite a few. Yesterday I bought some "out of the ordinary ferns" and was hoping you could give me some care tips on how to grow and care for them. Thanks in advance, MindyRead More
Hi Judy, I got this little one from Cosco and it didn’t come with identification or instructions, but it was labeled a succulent on the shelf....Read More
Showing Ask Judy 11 to 20 of 882 total