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I have 3 Christmas cacti that need to be repotted( root bound) I am wondering if I can trim the roots and put them back in the same pot?Read More
I have a lovely plant/tree that continues to grow upwards despite the ceiling obstructing it. I've moved it to a room with higher a ceiling but that won't fix the problem long term as it will keep growing. It also stops growing "leaves" on the lower portions of the stalk/trunk. I have no idea what kind of plant it is - I'm not a green thumb! How should I maintain it? Can I trim the top? I thought that would kill it? Many thanks, AarynRead More
I bought a fern with no identification tag, could you tell me what it is and how to care for it.Read More
I have a Queen of the night Cactus and live in Ocala, Florida. It has already bloomed this year. When exactly should I put it in the garage for the winter. Thank you so muchRead More
I got a beautiful amaryllis plant as a gift last Christmas. How do I get it to flower again this Christmas? Thank you for your help! Read More
Hi Judy, I recently purchased a Euphorbia acrurensis (Desert Candle) for our apartment. I was hoping to find some indoor care information. Any ideas on how frequently to water? light requirements etc?Read More
Trying to find out what type of plant this is and how to take care of it. It reminds me of maybe being in the tulip familyRead More
We have many different plants with various "bug" issues. What is your go to organic type treatment? Peroxide? Rubbing alcohol? Dish soap? Vinegar? What combination and measurements? Thanks!Read More
My bonsai ficus which I've had for years is losing some leaves and some of its leaves are turning yellow. My friend said I'm overwatering it. I need information from you about what's happening and how to fix it. It sits in a north window and has been happy there for years.Read More
My mom gave me this plant she calls a Euphorbia droopy-something. She doesn't know the real name. Do you know of a euphorbia with a name like that? Can you tell me how to grow care for it? Thanks for your help. StaceyRead More
Showing Ask Judy 11 to 20 of 864 total