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I purchased this plant at Home Depot but there was no info identifying it. Can u tell me what it is? It seems to be doing well in a south window. What is the proper care? JoanRead More
Judy, I am a more recent houseplant convert and have one that we received from someone else who didn't know what it was. I searched through a few common houseplant guides and was unable to locate anything similar, nor have I been able to locate it in our local stores. Could you take a look and see if you can help with identification? I recently re-potted it and I have a feeling I may have done something detrimental to it so I would love some care instructions. Love the website, I was able to identify our other plants and gather great instructions for them. Thank you! ZachRead More
About a month ago I noted these strange white patches on my jasmine plant. Now suddenly it seems to be slowly dying. I've been giving it weekly doses of neem oil but it doesn't seem to be helping. I've attached a picture of a stricken leaf in hopes that you will have some clue as to what this is and how I can treat the plant before I loose it.Read More
Hi Judy, We live in Northern WV. We picked this tree up at our local Lowes store, but the care tag was for the wrong plant. Can you help us idenitfy it so I can research care instructions? As always, thank you for your help. ChrisRead More
I recently bought this plant from Ikea, not knowing what it was at the time. I've done some research since and understand that this leaf cutting may not produce any new growth. It has rooted and there appears to be some kind of stem sticking out from the soil? Your opinion would be appreciated. Thank youRead More
Hi Judy! I inherited this plant after it went unclaimed after an office move. I repotted the poor potbound thing and since then it's been very happy and growing like crazy. Can you please help me identify it? Looks to me like a member of the palm or dracaena family???? Thanks for your help! Love your informative website!Read More
Showing Ask Judy 1041 to 1046 of 1046 total