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I bought a 6' corn plant (3 stalks) a few weeks ago and I suspect I may have over-watered even though I've only given it less than a quart of filtered water with a bit of miracle grow total to date. I did add soil and packed it to help keep the trunks up-right when I first brought it home. Room temperature is steady 70" and medium to low light with east-am sun. This past week the leaves are turning yellow. Please adviseRead More
Hi Judy. This plant belonged to my wife's grandfather and she is 68 years old. It is gradually getting worse and we don't know how to care for it. I would like to try rooting a cutting if possible.Read More
I have a azalea plant that i've had in the house all winter. It has brown spots on the leaves. They don't seem to go away and they end up falling off. What can I do and what am I doing wrong?Read More
Hi Judy, so I believe this is a Peace Lily, although it's the first time I see with so many white streaks. I heard that they like a lot of water, although I don't know how much, I hope you can advise. My Peace Lily is also not doing extremely well, I don't know what she is missing and why the leaves are browning so much, of course the quantity of leaves is quite a sad sight, I was wondering if you can suggest a way to increase the volume of the leaves and get this plant back on track (hopefully it's not too late) - do you think it needs more sunlight? Less sunlight? More water? More frequently? bigger pot? Thans a lot !Read More
Hi Judy, I hope you can help me because I really care for this plant, my fiancé inherited it from his grandfather and I want to make sure it lives for a long time. I tried to identify this plant on various websites with no success, so I was taking care of it following my intuition. When I came into my fiancé's life, this plant was growing spirally against the wall, it was quite sad. I stretched it out and attached 2 bamboo sticks to it, which helped it grow very tall very fast, in one year it grew like 2 ft and it even grew out flowers which my fiancé didn't even know it had. Now the plant is too tall, and many of the bottom leaves are partially brown. There is a new stem growing from the bottom (see 3rd pic), so I was wondering if it's a good idea to dig out the plant, separate the 2 stems and plant the small one in a fresh pot. I don't know if separating the stems will harm the plant? Can you also tell me what plant this is? Thank you !Read More
I believe I have a fittonia plant, not sure. It looks just like it but mine is tall and leggy. I have two problems with it. First there are few leaves that look dead at the ends. But otherwise it looks very healthy and pretty. Next I have these little knat like bugs in the soil and need to know what to use to get rid of them. I think they were in the soil I used to transplant it about 2 months ago.Read More
Hi Judy. I have inherited a plant at work and have no idea what it is or how to care for it. I heard it may be from New Zealand? Can you help? ThanksRead More
I received this basket as a gift and I want to separate them into individual pots. Is this a good idea or should I leave them in this basket together?. I'm kinda new to raising houseplants.Read More
Hello! I have a fishtail palm which I've had for a few years. The edges of many of the leaves are brown. Is this from too much water or not enough or too much fertilizer? I have treated the plant for some kind of aphid or insect over the past few months with Insecticidal soap spray- could this have caused it? Thank you very much! I love my tree! warmest regards- delfinaRead More
Hi Judy, I had this lovely climbing plant that was in a pot for a long while and it was doing very well and growing. I was enjoying the plant so much that I installed a chain for it to grow on and then transplated my darling into a large pit of earth that we have in our house. I even bought new dirt (or that peat stuff I think) to put around the plant. Since I transplated her three months ago she has been slowly dying. I have tried by using a little water and she died faster, so I tried more water. I also installed a flouresent grow bulb that hangs above the middle of the plant and is on from 5pm to 11pm every day. Can you please help save my darling plant from the certain doom of my poor ministrations!!! Also what is the name of the plant so that I can research about her! Please see the pictures attacked.Read More
Showing Ask Judy 1041 to 1050 of 1065 total