No Babies and Brown Leaf Tips on Spider Plant

I’ve had 2 nice Spider plants for 7 or 8 years. I moved twice since acquiring them. I must NOT be doing them justice as they’ve NEVER produced little shoots. I’ve tried to feed them per your website. I am careful to not overwater. But now, these poor guys are losing leaves by drying out and shriveling to dead brown from the outer tip back in towards the base of the plant. Is this an atmospheric problem, or trouble inside the ordinary Terra Cotta pots at the root??

Hi Bev & Bill,

How to Get “Babies” on a Spider Plant

A spider plant produces more “babies” or offsets, the tiny plantlets that develop at the ends of  long runners, as the plant matures. It also helps to keep the plant root bound in a small pot. The right temperature, 65°- 75°F.  (18°-23° C.) encourages flowers which help the runners develop and this encourages the baby plantlets to form.

Green and white striped spider plant with babies, small plantlets, hanging down

Why a Spider Plant Gets Brown Leaf Tips

  1. The most common cause of brown leaf tips is a watering issue. The top 50% of the soil should dry out before you water. A  spider plant tells you it need water when the green color in the leaves starts to fade. Remember, the soil at the bottom of the plant pot stays wet longer than the soil at the top. It’s easy to save under-watered spider plant, but an overwatered one may  quickly die.
  2. Using water that contain s high amount of salt or chemicals such as chlorine or fluorine can cause brown leaf tips. Never use water from a water softener; it is too salty. Over fertilizing can also cause brown leaf  tip burn. Too much plant food is worse than too little. If the plant is not actively producing new leaves, it does NOT need to be fed.