Is This a Low-Light Dragon Tree Plant? Plant Care??

Hi Eric,


Yes, they are Dragon Trees or their real name is Dracaena Marginata. They do OK in low lightWhen you select “Low Light” a list of the most adaptive plants in our database appears. These plants can live in lighting conditions too low to support any other plants in our database, but will grow faster in medium and high light. Variegation (color) in the leaves is often lost in low light. A plant in low light needs less water and fertilizer than the same plant in better light. Place a low-light plant within 2-3 ft. of a window with a northern exposure, 3-5 ft. of a window with an eastern exposure, 4-10 ft. of a window with a western exposure, and 10-18ft. of a window with a southern exposure. A low light area has between 50-150 ft. candles of light. The best low light house plants are: Chinese Evergreen, Dracaena Janet Craig, Peace Lily, Heart leaf Philodendron. as long as you are very careful not to over-water. Lower light slows down the growth rate of a Dracaena Marginata Plant and reduces the size of new leaves.  Here are some care instructions for a Dracaena Marginata. You can read more about the plant here: