Is This a Lily Plant?

Hi, can you help me figure out what plant this is? I’ll attach a picture of it blooming & what it currently looks like. I’ve never seen it do this after blooming.

You’re right, it looks like a type of Asiatic Lily. Although you can grow Asiatic lilies indoors, they usually only last for one year. Lily bulbs, like all other plant bulbs, need to rest is a cool area for several months if you want them to bloom again. So after the plant flowers and the leaves die back, you would need to dig up the bulbs, shake off the dirt, and put them in your fridge or cold garage for 6-8wks. You can also plant the bulbs outside, in the ground, where they will cool in the winter, and bloom again the following spring.

Orange flowers on Asiatic Lily Plant

Asiatic Lily