Please Identify My Birthday Plant

It was recently my birthday and I received this pot plant with not labels or anything to identify the plant attached. I’ve been looking online and I searched on your list of houseplants but couldn’t find anything that had similar fruit/flower things. Please help!

Hi Emily,

Your plant is a type of “Vriesea” Bromeliad.

Yellow, red, and orange bromeliad

Vriesea Bromeliad

These are beautiful plants but once the bloom dies they will not re-bloom indoors. The flowers (colorful “bracts”) of a bromeliad plant fade quickly and the leaves turn pale green if it’s placed in very bright light. The leaves get further apart and turn dark green when the plant needs more light. Bromeliad plants are drought resistant succulents that like dry soil. These houseplants have very small roots and over-watering is the number one reason bromeliads die. Water sparingly and mist the plant. Bromeliads are tropical plants that can survive in temperatures between 40-100 degrees, but prefer 70-75 degrees during the day and ten degrees cooler at night. The blooms on Bromeliad houseplants last longer when the temperature is cool.

You can read all my care tips for a bromeliad in the Popular Houseplant section of the website. The picture is of a slightly different variety but the care is the same.