Identify my new houseplant and care tips?

Hi, Judy! I’d like your help identifying this houseplant that I received as a gift – it has long (like, 6-10 inches long) leaves that are thin and waxy, bright green, dark green, or red in color, with reddish or orange/yellow single, very pronounced veins. It’s a lovely plant, I just have no idea how to care for it.

Red, green, yellow, narrow-leafed Croton Mammey.

Croton Mammey

Hi Cate,

Your plant is a type of Croton (variety is Mammey). All Crotons are Poisonous HouseplantsIn her new book, Don’t Feed Me to Your Cat!, plant care professional Judy Feldstein shares information about twenty-five common houseplants, each with various levels of toxicity, and the possible consequences if your pet or child snacks on them. so please keep it away from children and pets. Here are my care tips for your Croton.