How to Repot a Dieffenbachia

I have a dieffenbachia that seems too big for its pot and keeps falling over. Could you tell me how you know when it’s time to repot a dieffenbachia and some tips on how to do the repotting. Thanks so much. Susie


Hi Susie,

Here are some tips to help you know when it is time to repot a dieffenbachia plant and then how to repot a dieffenbachia plant. The first thing to remember is that this is a very poisonous houseplant. Whenever you work with a dieffenbachia be sure to wear gloves and a long sleeve shirt. Wash your hands and all your tools as soon as you are finished working on the plant. A dieffenbachia likes to be a little root-bound so don’t be in a rush to move it to a larger container. It’s best to repot a dieffenbachia in the spring, but only if the roots of the plant have filled the existing pot. The new container should only be an inch or two larger than the one that the plant is currently in. There must be drip holes in the bottom of the new container so excess water can drain out. The best soil for a dieffenbachia is a rich organic mixture that drains quickly. Remember, the new pot is larger and it will take the soil longer to dry out. Be careful not to over water.