How to Prune and Propagate a Dracena Janet Craig Plant

Hello Judy,
I have a Dracena Janet Craig Plant that I took from my grandfather’s funeral service over 20 years ago, it was about 5′ until this past year when all of a sudden it shot up to my vaulted ceiling! I want to cut it in half and put the new top into a new pot to have two plants or the same pot. I need to cut the top off because it has no where to go now? Please tell me the best way to handle this surgery without killing the original plant. thank you!

Hi Kathleen,

Dark green Dracaena janet craig

Dracaena Janet Craig

The surgery to reduce the height of a Dracaena Craig is simple. Use a very sharp scissors or knife and cut off as much as you want from the top of the main stalk. Your dracaena will send out new growth directly below the cut so keep in mind what you want the plant to look like when you are finished. I always suggest cutting off at least the top 1/3 of the plant. Cut the stalk you removed into 5″-7″ sections with at least 3 or 4 leaves on each.  Allow the cut ends of the dracaena stalks to dry out over night. Place the sections into moist sand or very fine potting soil until they have rooted. Once rooted, plant the sections back into the old pot or start new plants in  small containers with drip holes in the bottom.