How to Propagate an Indoor Palm from Seeds

Hi Judy,

I live in SW Iowa and grow indoor palm trees. Recently one of my palms sprouted what looks like a stalk of seeds. Can you identify this? Please see image attached.
Thanks a bunch!
Jan Perkins

Hi Jan,

Branch of green Palm Tree seeds

Seeds on Indoor Palm

Yes those are the seeds on your indoor Palm Tree. Growing a new palm tree from seeds is not always successful! Here are a few tips that might help:

Use fresh palm seeds, they seem to sprout better

To test if a palm tree seed might sprout, put it into a bowl of warm water. If the seeds¬† float, do not use them. Seeds that float don’t have the “endosperms” that are needed for a palm tree to reproduce. If the seeds sink, they can be used for propagationLearn how to propagate plants by plant division at

Plant the seeds in a small pot and barely cover them with a thin layer of soil. If you bury palm seeds too deeply they will never sprout. Dampen the soil but do not make it soggy.

Move the pot to a very warm humid location. You can place the pot in a clear plastic bag or cover it with clear plastic to increase the humidity.

Be very patient. It could take up to 6 months for the seeds to germinate (if they do at all). Hope this helps.