How to Keep Cats Off Areca Palm HousePlants

I have an Areca Palm. How can I keep my cats from chewing on the leaves? I have used pepper,spraying them with a water bottle. Nothing seems to help.

Hi Heather,

Here are a few suggestions on how to keep Cats off your Areca Palm and other houseplants.

Green Areca Palm

Areca Palm

  1. Scatter moth balls on top of the soil
  2. Cats do not like citrus fruit. Place lemon peels or orange peels on top of the soil. Place a piece of yellow sticky insect card next to the fruit to catch any plant pests the citrus might attract.
  3. Spray the leaves with diluted Sriracha hot sauce.
  4. Place tin foil over the dirt, cats hate walking on tin foil.
  5. Buy a catnip plant which the cat will love and then hopefully ignore your Areca Palm.