Plant Identification: Colorful Calathea Plant

I need to find out the name (common and scientific) of this houseplant as fast as I can. I found on the internet that the name is Maranta leuconeura kerchoveana but the Google images are pretty different from mine. Help!


brightly patterned, purple backed Calathea medallion plant

Calathea medallion

Your plant is a type of Calathea (which is in the Maranta family). The particular variety is a Calathea Medallion. Calathea Plants are native to Africa, the West Indies, and Central and South America. All Calathea Plants are treasured for their large, oval, distinctly patterned, and vibrantly colored leaves. The beautiful striped leaves of a Calathea Plant grow at the end of long stems and require quite a bit of care to stay looking good. Indoors, a Calathea Plant rarely grows larger than about 2ft. wide and 2ft. tall. A Calathea Plant requires high humidity to keep its leaves from getting brown edges and is not an easy-care plant,  but like many unusual houseplants, well worth the effort. Click the link below to read my complete care tips for Calatheas. The picture is for a different variety of Calathea, but the care is the same.