How do I care for an Ivy Topiary Plant

I just bought an ivy topiary for Christmas. How do I care for it. Very expensive, don’t want it to die!!!


Ivy Topiaries are beautiful plants, but you have to keep them trimmed to maintain their unique shape and remember they are very Poisonous HouseplantsIn her new book, Don’t Feed Me to Your Cat!, plant care professional Judy Feldstein shares information about twenty-five common houseplants, each with various levels of toxicity, and the possible consequences if your pet or child snacks on them.. Also, during the winter months, when the air is dry, the Plant PestLearn how to identify and treat the plant pest called Whitefly at spider mitesLearn how to identify and treat Spider Mites on plants. This sucking plant pest causes yellow blotchy leaves with a red haze and a gritty feel to them. can be a problem. You can read more about Ivy Plants in the Popular HousePlant section of the website