Houseplant identification and troubleshooting

Hi Judy –
I’ve had this houseplant for several years – and it has always done very well until recently. We moved from Seattle to San Francisco in September – and since then I’ve noticed that lower leaves on the plant tend to die and fall off… Can you help me identify this plant, and do you have any insights into what might be causing the leaf drop off?

thank you very much,
Kai Ichikawa

Hi Kai,


Your plant is called a Fittonia or Nerve Plant. The bottom leaves tend to fall off when the plant is getting too much water. Let the top couple of inches of soil dry out before watering. Try moving your Fittonia to a warmer brighter location so the soil in the pot can dry out a little faster. There are complete care instructions for a Fittonia or Nerve Plant in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.