Help for a Dying Bromeliad

Hi Judy, I have 2 bromeliad plants. One is growing OK but the flower on the other bromeliad plant has turned brown and the bromeliad leaves are turning brown too…help! Have I over- watered and do I need to get a larger pot..

Hi Sheila,

Bromeliad flowers only last for about 6 weeks and then they die. Bromeliad plants do not rebloom indoors. Bromeliads like to be kept very dry in small pots. As the Bromeliad flower dies, hopefully the Bromeliad Plant will produce baby plants or “pups” around the base of the plant. Once these bromeliad pups are several inches tall, you can separate them from the Mother Plant and plant them in small pots of their own. It will take these new Bromeliad plants several years before they bloom. There are complete care instructions for Bromliad Plants in the Popular HousePlant Section of the website.