Flowering houseplant is a Cyclamen

I was given this flowering plant. It is struggling to survive but I don’t know what it is or how to keep it alive. Thank you. Gail

Hi Gail,

White flowering Cyclamen HousePlant

Cyclamen Plant

You plant is called a Cyclamen. Cyclamen are very Poisonous HouseplantsIn her new book, Don’t Feed Me to Your Cat!, plant care professional Judy Feldstein shares information about twenty-five common houseplants, each with various levels of toxicity, and the possible consequences if your pet or child snacks on them. so please keep it away from pets and small children. Most people have problems with this plant because of watering issues and room temperature. First remove all dead or dying flowers at the base of there stem. The cooler the room the longer the flowers last. With proper care a Cyclamen can bloom for many months before is goes into a “resting” period. Do not water the plant until it starts to droop. Then do not water from the top! Place the plant in a saucer of water for 15 minutes. It will perk up in an hour or two. Allowing the soil to dry out in this way encourages more flowers. You can read more about a Cyclamen in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.