How to Prune and Propagate a Euphorbia Trigona

There is a narrowing and bend in the main stalk of my Euphorbia trigona. Is there anything I can do to fix this? My research tells me that cutting it here for propagationLearn how to propagate plants by plant division at would cause it to scar and no longer grow from this point. However if it is going to continue to grow wide, I feel like it will always bend like this.
The first picture is unsupported and shows how the stalk flops; the second picture shows the thin spot.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Hillary,

I have had success cutting the top off of a Euphorbia trigona directly below the bend in the stalk. Branching should occur directly below the cut. The cut may weep for a will until a callous forms. You can use the portion you removed to start a new plant.  Cut a few inches off the bottom of the cutting and then allow the cutting  to form a callus for a few days. Plant the cutting about 3″ deep in a pot of perlite. You may have to place some small rocks around the cutting to prevent it from falling over until roots develop. Perlite is a good choice because it prevents you from over watering. Place the pot in a warm spot that gets bright, indirect light and be patient.  The white, milky sap that seeps out of any cut on the plant is a severe irritant and is poisonous.