Dracaena with Brown Tips and Bare Stems

Please note the brown spots on the leaves. Too much direct sun? Also, it has long stems, which I hope you can see on the photos. How do I get rid of them? Can I just cut it off and replant the tops? Thanks for any help you can give me.



Your plant is a Dracaena Janet Craig. You can get rid of the long bare stems by cutting them off. Wherever you cut along the stem, that is where the new growth will appear. You can plant the tops you cut off, but only use the leafy part and about 12″ of the stem.

I don’t think the brown tips are a sun problem. Brown tips on a Dracaena Plant usually indicate too much salt in the soil because you are over-fertilizing your plant or too much fluoride in the water you are using. These Dracaenas do not need very much plant food. Feed your Dracaena Janet Craig plant once or twice a year in the spring and summer with a basic houseplant food at 1/2 the recommended strength. Too much fertilizer causes leaf tip burn. Never use water that has passed through a softener it is too salty. If your tap water has a lot of fluoride in it, let it sit out over night before using it. Trim the brown off of the leaves of your Dracaena Janet Craig Plant using very sharp wet scissors. Using wet scissors helps prevent the cut edges from turning yellow.