What is the name of my houseplant? Arrowhead Plant

Could you please tell me the name of this houseplant. I have sent a copy of the picture of it.

Hi Penny,

Green arrowhead shaped leaves on Arrowhead plant, also called Syngonium or Nepthytis.

Arrowhead Plant
Green Syngonium

The common name of your plant is Arrowhead Plant; other names are Syngonium and Green Nepthytis. Whether you call them Arrowhead Plants, Syngonium, or Nepthytis, these relatives of Philodendron houseplants make excellent indoor plants. The original Arrowhead Plant was solid green, now various varieties of Arrowhead HousePlants come with leaves that are almost white, green & white, and various shades of pink or burgundy. Keep the runners trimmed back on Arrowhead Plants and you can use them on tables or place larger plants on the floor. When left untrimmed, Arrowhead HousePlants make beautiful hanging plants. You can read more about the plant in the Popular HousePlant section of the website. The picture is of a different variety but the care is the same, except solid green houseplants require less light.