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Hi Judy I have this houseplant and I think it might be making my kitten sick... I’m not sure what it is! Please help!Read More
Hello, I'm not very sure what type of plant this is but he's not looking very healthy and I would love some advice! Thank you :)Read More
Hello, I bought this plant last weekend and don't know the name of it. I was just hoping to know how often to water it and how much sunlight it should be getting. Thanks for your time. AlannaRead More
Hi Judy, I have a Chinese evergreen plant and a Majesty Palm. From what I understand, these plants should be watered once a week correct? My question is, how much water should I give them once it's time to water. Should I make the soil completely wet or should the top two inches of the soil only be wet? Also, what do you use to measure how much water to give them if you do so at all? For instance, do you use a measuring cup or do you just base it off of instinct? Thanks in advance!Read More
Hi. I’ve never seen this in all my years keeping houseplants. A cluster of small yellow mushrooms that are shaped like (sorry) a penis. I’ve found a few references online but I can’t determine if it’s bad and how I should go about getting rid of it. This appeared in a plant ive had for at least five years and there’s been no change in its environment whatsoever. Please help me to figure out what to do with these. I’m afraid to just pull them out because I know some fungi release spores or something that will just make more grow.Read More
I do not know the name of the plant I have had for approximately 13 years. I got it from a dish garden planter from my father in-laws funeral. It is growing too tall to keep in my front window and I would like to know if there is something I can do to stop the height but not kill the plant.Read More
Hi Judy, I hope you can help me, I don't know what to do :-( 4 months ago we purchased a beautiful schefflera tree for our house entry area. The entire time we've had it, it has consistently lost leaves at a slow rate, but has always produced new baby leaves - both seemed to cancel eachother out. But now, it's losing lots of leaves and I don't know what to do :-( Some things that may shed light on the problem. 1. The front door is never opened, we always use the garage so there's no draughts. 2. We live in Colorado. The temperature indoors is pretty consistent - between 70-80 degrees. 3. The attached picture shows the amount of light the tree gets. The nursery we purchased it from have very knowledgeable staff and spent a lot of time helping us understand how to take care of it, and said the light would be enough. Watering has been very confusing. All the other large plants in the house need watering every 3-4 days because our summers are hot, and they are near windows. But our tree... well, 2-3 weeks can go by and the temp sensor we bought shows the soil is always wet (3-4 or 4). It seems to take FOREVER to dry out and we've never experienced that before. Last month, for the entire month is showed it was 4 - wet. I became worried and gave it some water after that month, and now it's worse and losing even more leaves. I'd really, really appreciate any advice you can please give u. Thank very very very much! IriniRead More
What is the best solution for flying bugs in my calathea. I cut off all the leaves after my plant sitter looked after it for a few months. The leaves were brown in spite of sitting surrounded by water, using distilled water. The new leaves are smaller but in decent condition. But can't eradicate th flying bugs. Tried a solution of Safers Insecticial soap, some dish soap diluted with distilled water. Keep the water below the pot clean, and put some dish soap in that water. Thanks, LynnRead More
My question is: my rubber tree plant is at the ceiling and falling over. It is only one stem, but I am afraid to cut it because I don't what to do with the top part once I do. Should I put it in water to root or just put it in soil. Thank you, JerushaRead More
Hi Judy... I have a few English Ive plants that have me stumped. What happens is that a leaf (does not matter the size ) will look great for a week or so and then start loosing its green color,starts to look mottled,the color just fades and then the leaf eventually drops off or if I tug on it gently it will come off the plants stem. I water when the soil is dry. I use Spring water with some VF11 and Shultz plant food added. I'm wondering if the grow light I have on 24/7 is causing this ?? All my other plants look great and show no issues what so ever. Any ideas on how to remedy the Ivy plant...their kinda my favorites? PS My Grape Ivy and English Ivy look Great...the Helix is the ones I'm having an issue with. Any ideas on resurrection them ? As always, best 2U ! Read More
Showing Ask Judy 1 to 10 of 1013 total