Rubber Tree Plant

Ficus elastica
Rubber Plant

Ficus elastica or Rubber Plant originated in India and Malaysia and was once grown for the rubber that was produced from its sap. Today it is a very popular indoor houseplant. A Rubber Plant has 5”-12” large thick glossy leaves; once damaged, these leaves cannot be trimmed and must be cut off. A rubber tree can be used as a small plant for the table, a full lush bush on the floor, or a ten- foot specimen tree in a room with tall ceilings. Like a weeping fig, it doesn’t like to be moved around and prefers constant temperatures. There are several varieties of Rubber tree on the market such as: Burgundy with reddish leaves, Tricolor with grayish green leaves and splashes of pink and cream, and Doescheri with green leaves and splashes of pale yellow or creamy white.