Hawaiian Schefflera Plant

Schefflera arboricola

An Arboricola, or Hawaiian Schefflera, originally came from Taiwan, but today is primarily a man-made hybrid. It can be as large as an 8ft specimen tree with a beautiful braided trunk or as small as a 4″ plant. This plant makes an excellent table or floor plant for home or office as well as an exotic bonsaiBonsai is an artistic method of growing plants and trees in small containers; the technique originated in Asia hundreds of years ago. Bonsai literally means tray planting. The object is to create an artistic combination of plant and container so that the shape, color, and texture of each complement the other. Of all the thousands of varieties of plants and trees, very few can be used successfully as a Bonsai.. Hawaiian Scheffleras are full upright houseplants with masses of small shiny leathery leaves. These thick oval leaves can be solid green (Arboricola), gold and green (Capella), or white and green (Trinette).