Why is Philodendron Xanadu Turning Brown: Bacterial Disease

Judy, I have a phil. xanadu and it was very large the leaves started to turn brown and it has a white film on the leaves, I cut them all off started it to growing again but the leaves are comming back the same way. What do I do? Ive had this plant about three years, can you help? Thank you so much.

It sounds like your Philodendron Xanadu has a bacterial infection, probably Erwinia. Erwinia bacteria can easily spread from plant to plant just by having them touch each or if water just splashes off of one plant and gets on another.  High humidity and temperatures around 30°C  (86 F) favor development of Erwinia. Most of the time, removing the damaged leaves, providing better air circulation, allowing the plants to dry out, and keeping plants further apart will take care of the problem.  There are no known chemicals for treating Erwinia.