Why do Ficus Trees Get Yellow Leaves

Two trees were given as a gift and we don’t know what kind they are. The one by the window is doing fine but new leaves on this one die and fall off, and several are turning yellow. It doesn’t get much natural light. Can you help us know what to do? Thanks!

Hi Eugene,

Your tree is a Ficus benjamina. These trees lose leaves much more easily than the newer types of Ficus such as the Amstel. A Ficus benjamina needs bright indirect lightVery few houseplants should be placed in direct sun. High light refers only to bright indirect light since direct sun often burns the leaves of indoor houseplants. An area that is too hot and dry encourages Spider Mites and causes blooms to quickly fade. A northern exposure really doesn't provide enough light for high light plants. These plants need to be placed directly in front of an east-facing window, within 1-3 feet of a west-facing window, and within 5 ft. of a south facing window. A high light area has over 300 ft. candles of light. so you should move it to a brighter location, such as by the window. They develop yellow leaves when the soil gets too  dry or when they are getting used to a new location. The new baby leaves turn black and green leaves fall off when a Ficus is over- watered. There are complete care instructions in the Popular HousePlant Section of the website.