Why are the Leaves on my Cyclamen Turning Yellow?

Hi, Trying to figure out what this plant is and how to rectify the current problem. It has always done well until very recently- as you can see there is some yellowing which is new. It blooms like crazy when the temp drops and not so much in the summer. When it droops it responds almost immediately to watering but read that the yellowing might be over watering- confused. Thanks in advance!


Pink flowers on Cyclamen plant

Cyclamen Plant


Hi Craig,

Your plant is called a Cyclamen. You should definitely allow the plant to droop a little before watering it. I recommend watering a cyclamen from the bottom. Sit the plant in a saucer of water for 10 minutes, then empty the saucer and do not water again (from the bottom) until the leaves droop. Cyclamen will bloom more if you stress the plant by allowing the soil to dry out. There are complete care instructions for a Cyclamen in the popular houseplant section of the website.