What kind of plant is this and how do I take care of it?

Hi Judy!

I just took this plant from my grandmother’s house and when I asked her the name of it and how to take care of it she had no clue. I brought it home and now it is doing two things: 1) it doesn’t seem to know if it’s a vine or not (as in some of the leaves are hanging now when they weren’t before) and 2) it sometimes leaks water from it’s leaves. It’s only in direct sunlight for about an hour a day and it is in a pot that you water from the bottom. Please tell me what kind of plant this is so I can take care of it properly.

Thanks a lot!! This site is great 🙂


Hi Jessica,

What a pretty plant! It’s a variegated Arrowhead Plant, another name is Syngonium. There are complete care instructions in the Popular House Plants section of the website.