What am I?

This is my first houseplant. I received it as a gift but I have no idea what it is, how to take care of it, or why some of the leaves are turning pink. I need to keep it alive for at least a year, until the giver returns to visit! Please help!



Your plant is a Succulent PlantLearn the definition of a succulent plant and why they are called a "fat plant." but I can’t tell from the picture whether it is a Hoya Rubia or a Peperomia acuminata. If I had a close-up of the leaves I could be more certain. The first picture below is a Hoya Rubia, the second a Peperomia. As you can see they are very similar. What do you think? I’m tending toward the Peperomia.

Rubia Hoya peperomia-acuminataa

The good news is that the care for both of them is just about the same.